New paintings are shown only once a year. If you are interested in attending the next show or meeting the artist, we can notify you when the next exhibition is scheduled.

If you would like to be notified when there is a new piece available, send us an email and we will include you in our mailing list.

I am in a perpetual search for the younger version of me; when imagination and creativity had no bounds. Occasionally I stumble into the wonderland the little brat roams around and when I do, I meet magnificent individuals who have already found their better selves.

A stranger once caught me doodling in public and asked me: "are you an atist?" I responded: "sometimes". I am an artist when my brush is paralysed with fear but proceeds to kiss the canvas anyway. By that definition, I consider anyone that dares to explore and create an artist regardless of their skill or experience.

Growth is the essence of life and art provides the perfect playground for it. This is where curiosity, wonder and discovery meet to find our gifts. Once they do, we have a duty to share it with others and help them find their gifts. If I can help you with yours in any way, please let me know and if you would like to help me find mine, please rate my work (Anonymously) HERE.

Daryoosh Mosleh

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